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What are nitrile gloves

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Disposable nitrile gloves are a kind of chemical synthetic material. It is made of butadiene (H2C=CH-CH=CH2) and acrylonitrile (H2C=CH-CN). As gloves nitrile do not contain protein, they will not cause irritation or allergic reactions to human skin and mucous membranes. Blue nitrile disposable gloves are widely used, of course, white, pink, black and other colors nitrile gloves also appears on the market but have small shares.

AnDum gloves nitrile factory invested 50 million dollars to build 15 fully automatic production lines in 2020, The production output is around 30 billion pcs which will rank No.1 in eastern China areas.

Nitrile gloves have differences classifications according to different properties.

Length: 9 inch nitrile gloves and 12 inch nitrile gloves

Level: food grade, industrial grade and medical grade

Standard: USA standard, EU standard ...

No matter how gloves nitrile are classified, there are 5 sizes for you to choose, XS, S, L, M, L, XL.

(More information: what are classification of nitrile gloves)

Nitrile gloves have a wide range of usage. It can be used for cleaning, industry, home & garden, education, clinic, hospital and so on. Next article, I will introduce what are usage of nitrile gloves.

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