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Nitrile Gloves vs Latex Gloves: What are the Differences?

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nitrile vs latex

Disposable gloves are an essential item in any healthcare environment. Different materials and design choices make certain gloves or different environments.

When you purchase new gloves, you might wonder if you should purchase nitrile or latex gloves. If you order the wrong type for use, you may end up wasting resources and increasing the risk of punctures, rips, and tears. Therefore, it’s essential to consider how they vary and which one is better. In this blog, we will tell the differences of the two material and offer guidance into which environment each type is best suited for.

First, you need to know what is nitrile gloves and latex gloves

What is nitrile gloves?

Nitrile gloves are gloves made of composite nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR). Nitrile gloves do not contain latex proteins, so they will not cause allergic reactions, and have antistatic, aging and oil resistance properties. Nitrile gloves are divided into two types: powdered nitrile glove and powder free nitrile glove. AnDum factory mainly produces blue disposable powder free nitrile gloves.

nitrile vs latex gloves

What is latex gloves?

Latex is any polymer in a water-based or viscous form. For decades, latex gloves were the king of the disposable glove industry. But as their popularity increased, so did cases of allergic reactions. This led to more demand for latex-free disposable glove alternatives, like nitrile and vinyl. Latex gloves provide exceptional physical barrier performance similar to nitrile but they do not offer any real protection against solvents which is another downfall of the latex material.

Nitrile gloves vs latex gloves, what are differences between them?

Nitrile Glove

Latex Glove


Strong and durable, it is difficult to puncture and tear

Resistant to chemicals and solvents

Medical grade nitrile gloves have medical use

Latex free, avoid allergies

Fit your hands well like your second skin 

In precise application such as surgery

Easy to put on and take off

Full of elasticity


Not as comfortable as latex gloves if you wear for long time

Different usage with different price

With powder, prone to allergic reactions

Medium tolerance to chemicals and solvents

Though there are some differences between latex and nitrile gloves, they still have big usage. Some customers would feel confused, how to choose it when latex vs nitrile gloves? Now AnDum FFP2 & nitrile gloves factory make a list for you.

Where are nitrile gloves and latex gloves used?

andum nitrile glove usage

In most cases, the usage scenarios of nitrile gloves and latex gloves are the same. Overall, nitrile gloves may be the more versatile option. However, Latex is a cheaper option for those that do not require stronger chemical and puncture resistance. It does depend on what job or task you are planning on using gloves for. 

The following scenarios must be paid attention to before making decision:

1. Precision electronics: choose chlorine-free nitrile gloves, as chlorine will corrode them

2. Chemistry lab: nitrile gloves are more durable and resistant to punctures and chemicals

3. Operating room: some patients are allergic to latex, they need to choose nitrile gloves


If you would like to know application about them, you can click here and send e-mail to us. Next time we introduce vinyl vs nitrile gloves.

Last but not the least, where you can buy nitrile gloves and latex gloves? Click here and write down your demand.

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