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KN95 vs. N95

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As corona virus mutates and spreads, we advise you to wear a mask even if you are vaccinated.

Table of Contents:

1. What is kn95 mask?

2. What is N95 mask?

3. Comparison Chart

4. Differences between kn95 and n95?

5. Similarities between kn95 and n95?

6. Where to buy kn95 or n95?

7. Make a conclusion

Different countries have different policies. In order to protect yourself, you must choose proper masks according to the local conditions. For example, in the USA, the widely used N95 masks are supposed to take up a 80% share of local market. In China, 3-ply flat mask exceeds 90% share of market.

For most people, it could be difficult to make a choice between N95 and KN95 masks, However, to solve your dilemma, we have compared both of 2 masks.

kn95 vs N95

What is kn95 mask?

KN95 is china standard according to GB2626-2019. "KN" means used to protect non oily particles (such as virus, bacteria, dust, etc.); "95" means that the filtering efficiency of the mask is ≥ 95% under the detection conditions specified in the standard. Kn95 mask can effectively protect particles suspended in the air.

Before 2020, KN95 non-medical mask is according to china standard GB2626-2006. At July 1st, 2020, China government update the standard of KN 95 to GB2626-2019.

What is N95 mask?

N95 masks are particulate protective masks certified by NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health). The filtration efficiency of particles with a physical diameter of 0.075±0.020µm reaches more than 95%, effectively resisting bacteria, viruses, dust, etc. N95 masks use high-standard water electret meltblown fabric, the biggest feature is to prevent the spread of droplets which caused by the patient's body fluids or blood splashes.

Comparison Chart

comparison chart

Source: 3M – Comparison of FFP2, KN95, and N95 and Other Filtering Facepiece Respirator Classes

Differences between kn95 and n95?

(1) Certificate

Kn95 mask is Chinese standard disposable face mask complying to GB2626 2019.

N95 mask is American standard disposable face mask complying to NIOSH -42CFR84.

kn95 vs n95 mask

(2) Leaking rate

China government requires mask factory to manufacture kn95 mask with ≤8% leakage while n95 mask standard does not have this requirement.

This does not mean that leakage tests aren’t helpful. Many hospitals and companies have their own standard to test kn95 or n95 mask, not GB2626-2019 or Niosh standard.

★What is leakage: The leakage rate of the mask refers to the inhalation of particulate matter in the ambient air after the user wears the mask and performs the specified action under specified conditions.

(3) Inhalation and exhalation resistance

Kn95 vs N95 masks, the latter has higher requirements for pressure drop while inhaling and exhaling. That is to say n95 mask is more breathable than kn95 masks.

No worries. Although it is sometimes difficult to breathe when you wear a kn95 or n95 mask, there is a small chance of dying from hypoxia while wearing a mask. The government issued standards have been repeatedly tested and the damage to human body can be negligible.

(4) Usage Scenarios

When kn95 mask vs n95, kn95 masks are more suitable for use in high-density public places, such as shopping mall, KTV, bar, chess and poker room...

N95 masks are tended to be used for doctors and nurses, because n95 mask has function of blocking blood blood and body fluid splashes, which can better protect the safety of medical staff themselves


Similarities between kn95 and n95?

(1) Structure

kn95 adopts 5-layer structure design, 2 layers non woven fabric, 2 layers melt blown fabric and 1 layer of hot air cotton. N95 uses same design as kn95 mask. However, they still have a slight difference. Due to the different requirements of mask factories & customers, the gram of each layer can be changed. AnDum kn95 mask is as follows, 70g outer layer non woven fabric, 30g hot air cotton, two layers 25g melt blown fabric, 28g inner non woven fabric.

(2) Filtration

GB2626 2019 certified kn95 requires particulate filtration efficiency (PFE) over 95%, Niosh 42CFR84 certificated n95 requires PFE ≥95%. Higher filtration efficiency effectively protects our breath away from dust, pollen, saliva, etc.

Where to buy kn95 or n95?

You can purchase kn95 mask from factory directly or our local retailer.

AnDum kn95 mask manufacturer cover an area nearly 20,000 sqm, locates in Changzhou City, the east part of China. With 10 years' experience in manufacturing melt-blown fabrics, we have a 10,000 sqm of dust and bacterial free workshops to equip with 20 advanced melt-blown production lines, 12 full auto production lines and 20 half-auto production lines.

As a professional China mascherine kn95 manufacturer & factory & supplier, we have 5 big service such as OEM&ODM, R&D team, quality assured, attentive service and reasonable price. We can do the color as you required and we supply the certificate according to GB2626-2019. Of course, we also have branch company and warehouse in Europe just like all big CE mask factory have. AnDum brand enjoys a good reputation in Europe.

Make a conclusion

Finally, let me make a conculsion, kn95 is Chinese standard mask, more suitable for daily use. All people can wear it, big size for adults, small size for kids. N95 is United Stated mask, more professional for medical use. More information, click it.

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