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Medical Mask

What is type iir mask?

Type iir mask is one kind of medical mask defined by EN14683-2019. Type iir face mask is covered by Declaration of Conformity with European Directives. Type iir mask is composed by 3 layers, 2 layers of non-woven fabric and 1 layer of melt blown fabric. According to European Standard EN14683, it has bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE)≥98%. Type iir face masks are packed in boxes with 50 pcs (each box contains one bag with 50 pcs), we also accept customized package.


Specification of type iir face masks:

 Model AD-2007

 17.5*9.5 cm ± 5%

 Earloop length 17.8 cm ± 5%
 Gram weight 3.22 g ± 5%
 Color blue
 Type flat design
 Nose clip PE white plastic embedded
 Band style earloop
 Exhalation valve No
 BFE ≥98%
 Filter class TYPE IIR
 Standard EN14683:2019+AC:2019
 Test report EN14683

Certification of type iir face mask:

AnDum is the first companies in white list with permissions of face mask exporting in China. We have got Module B for mascherine ffp2, Module D & ISO9001 & BSCI for ffp2 mask factory. If you need download certification, please click here.

AnDum FFP2 and FFP3 masks are fully CE certified by EN149:2001+A1:2009 and have a so-called comprehensive type examination. KN95 mask are certified by GB2626-2019, type iir face mask are certified by EN14683.

certification of AnDum mask

Application of type iir mask:

In hospitals, medical practices and care facilities

Medical staff are particularly susceptible to the risk of infection from viruses and bacteria. AnDum type iir masks are designed exactly for this purpose and certified according to EN 14683.

In retail and grocery stores

Wearing a medical face mask in retail has been mandatory in Germany since Jan. 19th, 2021. AnDum type iir  mask meets all legally required criteria and, in contrast to an FFP2 mask, type iir masks have a very low breathing resistance and wear comfortably.

At work and in the office

With the federal and state resolution of November 25th, 2020, it is a basic obligation to wear a mask in work and business. If the minimum distance cannot be guaranteed, a mask must be worn at the workplace. With certified AnDum masks type IIR protects yourself and your employees.

In public transport & restaurants

In view of the increasing number of corona infections and the spreading corona mutations, the federal and state governments decided on January 19, 2021 to tighten the mask requirement in public transport as well. The normal mask is no longer enough there. Wearing AnDum surgical mask even long journeys can attach big importance to your health.

Company profile of AnDum type iir mask manufacturers & supplier

AnDum ffp2 mask manufacturers cover an area nearly 20,000 sqm, locates in Changzhou City, the east part of China. With 10 years' experience in manufacturing melt-blown fabrics, we have a 10,000 sqm workshops to equip with 20 advanced FFP2/FFP3 leveled melt-blown production lines,  12 full auto production lines and 20 half-auto ffp2 ce 0598 mask production lines, with a producing capacity up to 300,000 pcs of en149 ffp2 ffp3 per day or 1,000,000 pcs of 3-ply medical mask. In 2020, we have exported more than 100,000,000 pcs of FFP2/FFP3 masks of different colors to Europe.

In early 2021, we invested nearly $50,000,000 to build 15 production lines of nitrile gloves. The production output is around 1.5 billion pairs which ranks No.1 in eastern area of China.


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