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Mascherine FFP2 Small Size CE 0598 Kids Protective Mask

AnDum FFP2 child respirator face masks feature a user-friendly design, providing optimum protection and comfort. Its five layers of filtering media offer superior protection from suspended particulate matter. Embedded nasal clip and sealed loop connection help to keep the proper seal. It is suitable for kids from 5-12 ages.
  • AD-T001
  • AnDum
  • 13.0*8.5 cm (±5%)
  • ≥94%
  • Module B + D
  • Changzhou, China

What is FFP2 Small Size?

FFP2 small size masks need to reach at least 94% aerosol filtration under the condition of 95L/min. Its protective function is standardized in Europe according to the EN149:2001+A1:2009 standard. FFP2 masks are considered as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as they can effectively protect the person who wears them from dust, particles, solid aerosols, etc. AnDum AD-1001 FFP2 mask for kids efficiently fit smaller faces (ages 5-12 years).

ffp2 masks featuresMascherine FFP2 with Five Layers Protection

The 5-ply masks are safer and more reliable than ordinary 3 or 4-ply masks and provide you with more protection.

  • 1st Layer: non-woven fabric (Waterproof and Anti Droplet)

  • 2nd Layer: heat sealing cotton (Protective and Comfort)

  • 3rd Layer: melt-blown non-woven fabric (Filter Particulates)

  • 4th Layer: melt-blown non-woven fabric (Filter Particulates)

  • 5th Layer: non-woven fabric (Waterproof and Anti Droplet)

Raw Material of FFP2 Small Size

Our 3D design FFP2 masks have high elasticity and soft earloops and adjustable metal inserted nose clip, allowing you to be safe and comfortable enjoy life.

  • Non-woven, Melt Blown, Hot Sealing Cotton

  • Earloop: Latex free

  • Inserted Nose Clip: built-in metal

Application of Mascherine FFP2 Small Size

The foldable design makes the small size ffp2 masks convenient for kids to take with, and easy to incorporate and save space. It can be use in home, school, park, and suitable for playing, traveling, and other daily use. Give kids a effective protection from small particles, dust, pollen, automobile exhaust, etc.

Specification of Small FFP2 Mask



small size organe ffp2 respirator mask


17× 13.5 cm (±5%)

Ear Rope Length

16.2 cm (±5%)

Gram Weight

4.2g (±5%)

Standard EN149:2001+A1:2009


Color Choices

9 colors


Folded Design


≥94%(Non-oily&oily particles)



Carton Size

59.5 × 42 × 54.2 cm


N.W.: 8.4 KGS      G.W.: 15KGS

H4e437b52b4734df3a6223af90e347d80oCertification of CE 0598 Mascherine:

AnDum ffp2 mask manufacturer & supplier has got Module B ( CE2163 ) for mascherine ffp2, Module D ( CE0598 ) for factory, besides we have ISO9001 quality certificate and BSIC certificate which is very important for chain supermarket like Muller, ALDI.  The CE2163 on our FFP2 masks, by the new SGS Institute CE type examination, has been replaced by the then new CE marking with the CE0598. If you need certification, please click here.

Package of FFP2 Small Size

For the package ,we can do with individually wrapped FFP2 mask. Or 10 pcs per bag according to your requirment. We deliver the fully CE-certified FFP2 respirators in a hygienic individual packaging directly from the warehouse. We can supply with OEM design and OEM package for own brand customer.

Mascherine FFP2 Customize Logo

As a professional small size ffp2 mask supplier, we have experienced designers. According to your requirement, we can add your company logo, website, phone number, or any of your ideas on the products or on the box. Please feel to contact us for more details.

Service of Andum FFP2 Small Size Supplier & Manufacturer & Factory:

As a professional China ffp2 face mask factory & supplier, we have 5 big service such as OEM & ODM, R&D team, quality assured, attentive service and reasonable price. Of course, we also have branch company and warehouse in Europe just like all big CE mask factory have. Besides, AnDum brand has enjoyed a good reputation in Europe.

1. We have 31 colors of normal ce 0598 certificated ffp2 masks.

2. We have 13 color of printed model of FFP2 masks include Germany flag ffp2, Austria flag ffp2 and so on.

3. We also have 9 colors of small size kids FFP2 face mask.

We do with high quality products to be the best china FFP2 face mask suppliers.


Five notices to keep FFP2 Mascherine:

1. Keep the face mask clean before use. Do not touch the rear side of the face mask.

2. Do not wash the face mask. Water will destroy the filtering ability and protective nature of the mask.

3. Do not steam the face mask or put it in the microwave.

4. Keep the face mask away from vapor, oils, chemicals, paints, liquid, acid, and alkaline objects.

5. Make sure to discard the face mask when it becomes visibly dirty or breathing resistance increases remarkably.

How to Wear Small Size FFP2 Face Mask:

1. Hold the particle filtering half mask in position over the nose and mouth.

2. Pull the ear loop behind to ears.

3. The side with the nose clip is facing up. The white part of the mask is inside,

4. Hold the open mask belt with both hands to avoid touching the inside of the mask with your hands.

5. Put the mask on the face and adjust it to a suitable position.

6. Lightly press the nose clip to make it fit the bridge of the nose, and then press the nose clip to adjust the lower end of the mask to the lower jaw.


Consult Your Andum Protective Respirator & Medical Mask Experts

We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your protective respirator & medical mask needs, on-time and on-budget.

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