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Mascherine FFP2 Small Size CE 0598 Kids Protective Mask

AnDum FFP2 child respirator face masks feature a user-friendly design, providing optimum protection and comfort. Its five layers of filtering media offer superior protection from suspended particulate matter. Embedded nasal clip and sealed loop connection help to keep the proper seal. It is suitable for kids from 5-12 ages.
  • AD-T001
  • AnDum
  • 13.0*8.5 cm (±5%)
  • ≥94%
  • Module B + D
  • Changzhou, China

What is FFP2 Small Size?

FFP2 small size masks need to reach at least 94% aerosol filtration under the condition of 95L/min. Its protective function is standardized in Europe according to the EN149:2001+A1:2009 standard. FFP2 masks are considered as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as they can effectively protect the person who wears them from dust, particles, solid aerosols, etc. AnDum AD-1001 FFP2 mask for kids efficiently fit smaller faces (ages 5-12 years).

AD-T001 ffp2 mask

Specification of Small FFP2 Mask




9.0 × 13.5 cm (±5%)

Ear Rope Length

16.2 cm (±5%)

Gram Weight

4.2g (±5%)

Standard EN149:2001+A1:2009


Color Choices

9 colors


Folded Design


≥94%(Non-oily&oily particles)


20 stück or 50 stück or customized

Carton Size

59.5 × 42 × 54.2 cm (2000 pieces per carton)


N.W.: 8.4 KGS      G.W.: 15KGS

Application of ffp2 small size mask

FFP2 small size masks adopt 3D design with larger space, which is more suitable for kids and easy to incorporate. We use single bag for small size ffp2 to avoid cross infection meanwhile it is convenient for kids to carry. It can be used in home, school, and suitable for playing, traveling and so on. FFP2 small size protects kids from small particles, dust, pollen, automobile exhaust, etc.

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Why you need to choose AnDum AD-T001 kid mask?

1. First AnDum is a factory, not trading company.

As the first permission of white list in 2020, china ffp2 face mask factory & manufacturer covers a area of 20,000 sqm with 20 full automatic production lines. Over 30 years’ experience in melt blown fabric production, AnDum, china ffp2 face mask factory & manufacturer, knows how to improve the quality of ffp2 mask well, and never stops to designing new CE 0598 ffp2 mask. We have professional quality inspection team and more than 100 workers. Daily capacity is 200K for ce 0598 ffp2 mask, 1 million for sugical mask. When you kaufen kinder AD-T001 ffp2 maske from AnDum factory, you can save agent fee while getting the following service.

andum factory

2. AnDum ffp2 mask factory & manufacturer has full set of certificate.

AnDum ffp2 mask manufacturer & factory has ISO9001, BSCI certification. In 2020, we got universal CE 2613 for AD-1001 ffp2 mask, AD-T001 ffp2 masks and FFP2/P3 mask, EN14683 for surgical mask including TYPE I and TYPE IIR, GB2626-2019 for white KN95 mask. In 2021, we added 13 printed ffp2 mask and applied for CE 0598 certification. In Oct 2021, we got Module D (valid until 1 August 2024). In Mar 2022, we added 6 colors KN95 mask with GB2626-2019 certification. Now we have changed universal Module B to SGS Module B as universal met trouble in Europe. AnDum ffp2 mask factory never stops updating our certification.


3. AnDum ffp2 mask factory & manufacturer has more colors.

AD-T001 ffp2 bambini have 9 colors such as white, light green, dark green, purple... Rainbow and animal pattern ffp2 kinder are our best-seller. FFP2 bambini certificate is SGS CE 0598. If you want to design new ffp2 for kids, we can do for you.

white FFP2 AD-T001 orange ffp2 AD-T001 scream ffp2 AD-T001 red ffp2 AD-T001 rainbow ffp2 AD-T001
white ffp2 small size orange ffp2 small size cream ffp2 small size
red ffp2 small size rainbow ffp2 small size
purple ffp2 AD-T001 light green ffp2 AD-T001 dark green ffp2 AD-T001 animal ffp2 AD-T001 FFP2 kid mask.pdf
purple ffp2 small size light green ffp2 small size dark green ffp2 small size animal ffp2 small size

4. Customized service is also very important.

According to our 3 years’sales experience, small package is more popular such ffp2 20 stück, ffp2 25 stück. Each piece of kids ffp2 mask is individually packed. Besides many customers prefer to buy ffp2 maske kinder with own logo on box to promote their brands. As long as you send logo or brand to us, we will make design for you for free. Puting your logo or favorite images on ffp2 kids mask is also accepted.

AD-T001 ffp2 package

contact us

How to wear small size ffp2 face mask:

1. Hold the kids ffp2 ear loop with both hands to avoid touching the inside of the kids ffp2 mask.

2. The side with the nose clip is facing up. The white part of the mask is inside. Hold the particle filtering half mask in position over the nose and mouth.

3. Pull the ear loop behind to ears.

4. Put the kiner ffp2 mask on the face and adjust it to a suitable position.

5. Lightly press the nose clip to make it fit the bridge of the nose, and then press the nose clip to adjust the lower end of the mask to the lower jaw.

6. If the ffp2 maske kinder is not suitable (bigger or smaller), take hook and adjust location again.

instruction of ffp2

Storage and notice of colour kinder ffp2 masken:

1. Keep the mascherine ffp2 bambini clean before use. Do not touch the back of the ffp2 mask.

2. Do not wash mascherina ffp2 bambini. Water destroys the filtering ability and protective effect of ffp2 mask.

3. Do not steam or microwave ffp2 mask.

4. Keep the ffp2 mask away from oils, chemicals, paints, liquids, acids and so on.

5. Discard the ffp2 face mask when visibly soiled.

REMARK: FFP2 NR mask is forbidden to reuse, it is only single shift.

Questions you may ask?

1. How to verify a Universal or SGS certificate?

Page: http://www.universalcert.com/en/document-interview/ Enter the certificate number

2. Why kids ffp2 mask is higher than adult ffp2 mask?

Children's resistance is relatively poor, if they wear poor quality ffp2 masken, it is easy to get infected. AnDum ce 0598 ffp2 factory & manufacturer uses 5 layers structure, two layers water electret melt blown provide higher filtration efficiency, one layer skin-friendly non woven fabric cares children cheek. 

3. Do you have EU warehouse?

AnDum ffp2 mask factory & supplier has branch company in Austria, you can purchase mascherine ffp2 bambini certificae from branch company.

More questions, do not skimp on your fingers, click here.


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