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KN95 mask N95 and FFP2 respirator : what are the differences

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If you are not specialized in manufacturing and selling face mask, most people would not know the difference between KN95,N95 and FFP2 mask . When people need masks, they buy them directly in stores or online shop.


So, KN95 ,N95 and FFP2 are the same product? Are they different? 


First ,What is KN95 mask ,N95 and FFP2 mask ? 

Both KN95, N95 and FFP2 are different standard for masks .  They are not the brand of a certain mask, not the model of a certain mask, or not the function of a certain mask, but the standard of the mask. 

KN95 is a chinese standard for mask  . N95 is a US standard and the FFP2 is European standard . These means different country has different requirement for mask .

Second : What is the difference of KN95 ,N95 and FFP2 face mask


KN95 mask - china certificated  

N95mask  - America certificated

FFP2 mask - European certificated

KN95 ,N95 and FFP2 difference

2. Filtration

In data , KN95 ,N95 and FFP2 masks show similar levels of filtration,KN95 mask has 95% filtration capacity  N95 mask has 94% filtration capacity and FFP2 mask has  95% filtration capacity . But for FFP2 , the Test flow rate is 95 l/min and the KN95 ,N95 is 85 l/min. So if by same test level , the filtration will be different . In filtration , the FFP2 model will be better than others .

KN95 ,N95 difference

3.  Standards

KN95 mask -GB2626-2019

KN95 masks are made according to china GB2626-2019 standard . Before there are standard of GB2626-2006 . In 2019 , china government updated the new standard of KN95 respirator to meet the new requirement of masks . So when people buy masks of KN95 , the standard should not be GB2626-2006

FFP2 face mask  - EN149:2001+A1:2009

FFP2 face masks is according to European legislation EN149:2001,-2009. It shows the standards used to certify the effectiveness of ”respiratory protective devices”, and clearly establishes the requirements, tests and branding for the masks. All details is clear for requirement for test face mask . When you choose the FFP2 mask , you may see each mask has the CE logo on it and the standard on it .

N95 face mask - NIOSH-42CFR84

N95 masks are covered by American standard NIOSH -42CFR84, drawn up by NIOSH . NIOSH is a professional lab for this standard . the American body responsible for certifying the actual effectiveness of filtering facial devices.

FFP2 and KN95

4.  Test methods


KN95 mask

FFP2 respirator

(EN 149: 2001)

N95 MASK   (NIOSH-42CFR84)


≥ 95%

≥ 94%

≥ 95%

Test agent

NaCl and paraffin oil

NaCl and paraffin oil


Test flow rate

85 l/min

95 l/min

85 l/min

Total inward leakage (TIL) tested on individuals performing exercises



not measured

Allowed inhalation resistance (max pressure drop)

≤ 210 Pa

≤ 70 Pa @ 30 L/min; ≤ 240 Pa @ 95 L/min; ≤ 500 Pa (clogging)

≤ 343 Pa

Exhalation resistance (max pressure drop)

≤ 350 Pa

≤ 300 Pa

≤ 245 Pa

Here is a video for your reference.

Making a conclusion, KN95 ,N95 and FFP2 are mainly different standards, resulting in different filtration efficiency and different test methods. Essentially, their quality is very good. You can choose different masks according to customers’ demand.

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