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KF94 Fish Type Face Mask

Fish type face mask is one kind of respiratory masks with 4 layers protection. Two layers of melt-blown fabric guarantee enough filtration efficiency. 3D cutting, more space, never feel stuffy no matter how long you wear. KF94 mask is packed in individual bag or 10 pcs/bag. KF94 has three standard, Korean standard, GB2626-2019, European standard. More than 10 colors, you can choose anyone according to your mood.
  • ADKF04
  • AnDum
  • 20.5*8.5 cm (±5%)
  • ≥95%
  • 10 pcs/bag
  • Changzhou, China

What is a KF94 mask?

KF94 mask is composed of KF and 94. The "KF" represents for "Korean filter" and the "94" means masks' filtration efficiency'. So KF94 mask is the face mask which meets South Korean standard and particular filtering efficiency over 94%. The most popular KF94 mask is KF94 fish type face mask. Since the start of the pandemic, KF94 masks gradually have GB2626-2019 standard, FDA standard and European standard.

KF94 fish type face mask speciafication:

20.5*8.5 cm (±5%)
Color Choices
White, black, rose or customized
4D design
Nose Clip
PE White Plastic Embedded
Band Style
10 pcs/bag, 2,500 pcs/carton
Carton size
52*45*45 cm
N.W.: 10.8 KGS      G.W.: 16.4KGS

Features of KF94 fish type face mask:

KF94 mask uses 4 layers structure, two layers of meltblown fabric and two layers of non-woven fabric (40% meltblown, 60% non-woven). Compared with 3D KN95 mask, it does not have hot air cotton but has higher air permeability and good filtration.

1. 4D fish design: increases more space, do not touch your mouth and destroy your lipstick

2. High elastic ear-loop: latex free and wider, you won't feel stuffy no matter how long you wear

3. Adjustable nose clip: built-in metal, fit your face well and make sure users' glasses without fogging the lens

4. Individually packed: clean and hygienic, avoid cross infection

5. Applications: daily life, factory, schools, supermarket, parks etc.

How to store fish type face mask:

1. Keep the face mask clean before use. Do not touch the rear side of the face mask.

2. Do not wash the face mask. It is single use.

3. Do not steam the face mask or put it in the microwave.

4. Keep the face mask away from vapor, oils, chemicals, paints, liquid, acid, and alkaline objects.

5. Make sure to discard the face mask when it becomes visibly dirty or breathing resistance increases remarkably.

Instructions of fish type face mask:

  1. Open the package and take out the mask, and check whether the mask in good condition.

  2. The side with the nose clip is facing up. The white part of fish face mask is inside.

  3. Hold the open kf94 masks belt with both hands to avoid touching the inside of the mask with your hands.

  4. Put the kf94 disposable face mask on the face and adjust it to a suitable position.

  5. Lightly press the nose clip to make it fit the bridge of the nose, and then press the nose clip to adjust the lower end of the mask to the lower jaw

instructure of KF94 mask

KF94 mask certification and package:

AnDum mask factory & manufacturer has applied for two standards for kf94 disposable face mask, enterprise standard and GB2626-2019 certification. Fish style mask has different names accroding to different standards. For enterprise standard, it is kf94 fish mask. For GB2626-2019 certificate, it is kn95 fish mask. For Niosh certificated, it is n95 fish type mask. For korean standard, it is korean mask kf94. However, the package is very similiar. Factory releases 10 pcs kf94 fish type mask, 20 pcs fish type mask... You can customize package too.

Picture 企标kf94 mask 韩标kf94 mask 国标 kf94 mask 日标KF94
Package 10 pcs/bag 10 pcs/bag 10 pcs/bag 1pc/bag, 50 pcs/box
Applicable countries China Southeast Asia, Africa Execpt Europe
Executive standard
Q/ADFH 002-2021 Korean Standard GB2626-2019 JIS T8151:2018

Where to buy KF94 mask?   request a quote

We have kf94 child mask and adult kf94 masks for sale. They are both disposable face mask, not kf94 reusable mask. Black kf94 mask, purple kf94 mask and other colors are available. SMALL MOQ WITH THE BEST PRICE.

About AnDum factory

andum factory

As the first permission of white list in 2020, china ffp2 face mask factory & manufacturer covers a area of 20,000 sqm with 20 full automatic production lines. Over 30 years' experience in melt blown fabric production, AnDum, china ffp2 face mask factory & manufacturer, keeps learning how to improve the quality of ffp2 mask well, and never stops to designing new CE 0598 ffp2 mask. We have professional quality inspection team and more than 100 workers. Daily capacity is 200K for ce 0598 ffp2 mask, 500K for cdc approved fish mask, 1 million for surgical mask.

In early 2021, we invested nearly $50,000,000 to build 15 production lines of nitrile gloves. The estimated production output is around 1.5 billion pairs which will rank No.1 in eastern area of China. Product ranges 9 inch blue nitrile glove, 12 inch white nitrile glove, 12 inch pink nitrile glove, 12 inch blue nitrile glove.

ffp2 colorful mask ffp2 farbige maske KN95 mask picture 2 blue nitrile gloves
FFP2-AD-1001 FFP2-AD-T001 KN95 3-ply flat mask Nitrile glove

AnDum mask manufacturer & supplier has got ISO9001, BSCI certification. In 2020, we got universal for AD-1001 ffp2 mask, AD-T001 ffp2 masks and P3 mask, EN14683 for surgical mask, GB2626-2019 for white KN95 mask. In Oct 2021, we got ce0598 Module D (valid until 1 August 2024). In 2022, we added GB2626-2019 for mixed colors KN95 mask and KF94 mask.


You may ask?

1. Is kf94 mask reusable?

People may ask another question, can you wash kf94 masks? These two questions are same meaning. KF94 masks belongs to disposable face mask, it is non-reuse, you can only use one shift.

2. How long can you wear a kf94 mask?

We suggest to wear 6-8 hours, when you are in hospital or dirty place, we suggest to change new fish type mask every 4 hours.

3. Are KF94 masks safe? / Is KF94 mask good?

These two questions are concerned about same point. KF94 fish masks have 4 layers protection, especially two layers of meltblown fabrics can filter over 90% particulates and dust. High standard kf94 disposable face mask can even filter 98% particulates.

4. Can I customize KF94 mask?

AnDum kf95 mask factory accepts OEM and ODM order, we can add your logo on mask or package to promote your brand. When you meet big event, it is necessary to add some images on fish masks.

5. Do you have kf94 kid mask?

AnDum fish mask supplier has KF94 purple mask, rose mask kf94, black kf94 mask for adults, printed colors for kids.

6. How KF94 mask vs N95 and kf94 mask vs kn95?

We write a professional article to introduce the differences between KF94 and N95 and KN95, click here to get more information.


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