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Individually Wrapped Pink KN95 Masks for Kids

(1)High Standard: Kids KN95 masks meet the requirements of CNAS GB2626 -2019 ,  non-oily particulate filtering efficiency ≥95%. Not N95 face mask, FDA or NIOSH approval is not required.
(2)5-Ply Protective: 2 Polypropylene Non-Woven Layers, 2 Meltblown Filter Cloths, and 1 Non-Woven Cotton Middle Layer. 
(3)High Filtration: Filter Efficiency≥95%, the filter system can filter out Harmful molecules such as fine particles and dust.
(4)3D Shape Design: The 3D shape provides enough breathing space and a snug edge seal for children to breathe fresh air easily.
(5)Package: Our masks are well packaged in color box with individal bags to prevent contamination of the masks before use. 
  • AD-1005
  • AnDum
  • 13.0*8.5 cm (±5%)
  • ≥95%
  • GB2626-2019
  • 1 pc/bag, 50 pcs/box, 2000 pcs/ctn
  • Changzhou, China

What is kn95 masks standard?

KN95 is a Chinese standard disposable face mask, which is derived from GB 2626-2019 standard. "KN" means Chinese standard, "95" means that the filtering efficiency of the mask is ≥ 95% under the detection conditions specified in the standard. Kn95 mask can be used to prevent non oily particles (such as virus, bacteria, dust, etc.) and effectively protect ourselves.

Before 2020, KN95 non-medical mask is according to china standard GB2626-2006. At July 1st, 2020, China government updated the standard of kn95 mask to GB2626 2019.

Why you can trust AnDum kn95:

It is a tough task to find kids kn95 mask in the market, especially fda approved kids kn95 mask. AnDum mask factory is proud to manufacture high-quality kids kn95 masks you can remember forever.

  • Individually Wrapped: 

    Each pink kids kn95 masks -adjustable & individually wrapped, which can effectively avoid cross infection when you borrow pink kids kn95 masks to other people. Besides, you can put individually wrapped pink kids kn95 masks into school bag, wallet, purse, pocket bag...

  • Adjustable ear loops and nose clip:

    Kid size kn95 mask is suitable for 5-12 ages, but the size of mask is fixed. Adjustable ear loop and nose clip fit different kids’ face well and cover mouth, nose and chin easily. Some kids are strong, we prepare hook if you need.

  • 5 layers protection:

    The outermost non-woven fabric, the second layer of hot air cotton, two layers of meltblown fabric can block most of the particles, and the innermost is skin-friendly and softer non-woven fabric as kids are easy allergic to bad kn95 masks.

AnDum kn95 mask factory & supplier upholds highest standards for testing and manufacturing kids kn95 mask. Contact us at enoch@an-dum.com for kn95 certificate.

Specification of kn95 masks for kids:

Dimension 10.8*15.0±0.5 cm

pink kid kn95 mask

Earloop length 18.0-20.0 cm
Weight 4.2±0.5g
Type folded design
Nose clip PE white plastic embedded
Band style high elastic earloop
Exhalation valve no
PFE 95% (non-oil particles)
Filter class KN95
Standard GB2626-2019

China kn95 mask supplier & factory provides more than 8 colors for your selection, such as kids black kn95, kids white kn95...

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What AnDum Protective has?

1. Professional mask manufacturers in China

AnDum kn95 mask factory & supplier covers an area 20,000 sqm, locates in Changzhou City,near to Shanghai. With 10 years' experience in manufacturing melt-blown fabrics, we have 20 advanced melt-blown production lines, 12 full auto production lines and 20 half-auto production lines. Our product ranges ffp2 mask for adult, ffp2 mask for kid, kn95 for adult, kn95 for kids, ffp3 mask, fish mask and 3 layers flat mask. Besides, we installed 15 production lines of nitrile gloves in 2021.

2. OEM/ODM service

As a professional china kn95 kids manufacturer & supplier, we have R&D team to provide OED/ODM service with reasonable price. We have 8 colors kn95 masks for kids, and you can select any color for kid kn95 mask or add logo on pink kn95 mask.

Kids prefer to choose cute box at their first sight. AnDum mask factory has 4 package design for pink kids kn95, 1 piece/bag, 5 pieces/box, 10 pieces/box, 50 pieces/box. For chain store, small package is more popular.

Picture 1 pc kid kn95 5 pcs kid kn95 10 pcs kid kn95 50 pcs kid kn95
Package 1 pc/bag 5 pcs/box 10 pcs/bag 50 pcs/box

3. MOQ and delivery time

Designing a total new product always has big MOQ, mask factory needs to put into efforts and apply for new certificate. However, adding logo or designing new package is easier. (1,000 pcs for adding logo, 10,000 pcs for designing package)

After receiving your order, we will finish it within 5-7 days. (customized order need extra7 workdays) Of course, we also have branch company and warehouse in Europe just like all big CE mask factory have. You can purchase FFP2 from EU warehouse directly. NO WAIT!

4. Certificate

AnDum mask manufacturer & supplier has got ISO9001, BSCI certification. In 2020, we got universal for AD-1001 ffp2 mask, AD-T001 ffp2 masks and P3 mask, EN14683 for surgical mask, GB2626-2019 for white KN95 mask. In Oct 2021, we got ce0598 Module D (valid until 1 August 2024). In 2022, we added GB2626-2019 for mixed colors KN95 mask and KF94 mask. In Nov. 2022, we have changed universal to SGS for all ffp2 masks.


5. Our cooperative customer

AnDum is certificated supplier of ALDI and Muller for Germany market. ALDI is one of the biggest chain supermarket in Germany, also a big famous brand all around the world. Spain ALDI, BVB in Germany, Austrian National football team are our customers too.

our customer

Frequently asked questions:

1. Can kids reuse KN95 masks?

Kn95 mask is disposable face mask, single shift. According to the authority, we recommend to wear 6-8 hours. If you are in bad situation, 4 hours are the most.

-Important Note: Do not wash colored kn95 mask. Water destroys the filtering ability and protective effect of kn95 mask.

2. Can babies wear KN95 masks?

No, we design kid kn95 masks for 5-12 ages.

3. Are KN95 masks better than N95 masks for kids?

Not exactly, N95 and KN95 masks can both filter 95% particulate. Both are made of 5 layers of non woven polymer fibers. KN95 is Chinese standard, N95 is United States standard.

4. Are these Kids' KN95 masks FDA approved?

No, normally fda approved kn95 masks for kids are for medical use. Kn95 kids mask is non medical mask.

5. Where to buy kids kn95 masks?



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