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Can You Reuse KN95 Masks?

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can you reuse kn95 masks

Can You Reuse KN95 Masks?

KN95 mask is China standard according to the certification of GB2626-2019, and is one of the most widely used masks in the market. The demand for face masks has made them scarce or even unavailable in some parts of the world. That’s why some people have such question: are kn95 masks reusable? Today we will go into details about reusing your KN95 masks.

Are KN95 Masks Reusable?

The answer is YES. Unlike disposable respiratory, KN95 masks can be reused. Some researchers have done relevant research on the protective efficiency and wearing time of KN95 protective mask. The results show that after wearing KN95 mask for 2 days, the filtration efficiency remains above 95%. After wearing for 3 days, the filtration efficiency is decreased to 94.7%.

CDC of the United States suggests that, in the absence of sufficient supply of masks, KN95 mask can be considered for reuse as long as it is not obviously soiled or damaged (such as creases or tears).

How Often Can You Reuse KN95 Masks?

CDC recommends that people should wear KN95 respiratory no more than five times. The frequency should depend on how it's used. For example, using the same mask to run to the grocery store, is very different than wearing it all day in a healthcare setting. Keep in mind that the longer you use a mask, the more it loses its performance and efficiency.

If the following conditions occur, it must be replaced immediately:

  • The mask is contaminated by foreign matters such as blood stains, droplets, or other bodily fluids from patients

  • The mask is visibly dirty or damaged

  • The mask no longer hold their shape, can not fit the face closely or have stayed damp

  • There is a significant increase in respiratory impedance

How to Safely Reuse KN95 Masks?

  • Re-wear a mask after you have stored it in a paper bag in a cool dark place for 24 to 48 hours

  • Mask Storage containers should be disposed of or cleaned regularly

  • Disinfect your hands with alcohol before and after touching the mask

  • When taking off or wearing a mask, avoid touching the front

  • Use multiple masks in a rotation, so each mask can have a sanitation break between uses

  • DONT wash mask or disinfect it with bleach or alcohol

Anyway, it is generally recommended to wear masks for single use and replace it after wearing it for 4-6 hours. In cases of mask unavailability or shortage, you can reuse KN95 masks. Please remember to safely store between uses.

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