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12 inch Nitrile Gloves

1) Powder free: inner layer of disposable nitrile gloves is smooth, and nitrile powder free gloves reduce the impact of powder on environment and human health.
2) Latex Free: safe and healthy, it is very suitable for allergic people. A good barrier protection against dangerous substances.
3) Good elasticity: long-lasting strength and durability with dexterity for multiple use.
4) Excellent Tactile Sensitivity: gloves nitrile with textured fingertips maintain good traction and grip, enabling you to perform precise work.
  • AnDum
  • 6.2 mil
  • Industrial
  • Powder Free
  • Nitrile
  • S, M, L, XL
  • food grade
  • Blue

AnDum nitrile glove

Product information of gloves nitrile:

AnDum Disposable Nitrile Examination Gloves are designed for single-use applications that require lightweight protection from fluids, dirt and certain chemicals. These nitrile disposable gloves are made of 90% even 95% nitrile which has high elasticity. Besides AnDum nitrile gloves manufacturers strengthen thickness and dexterity. They are more suitable for beauty, health care, cleaning, agri-food industry, industry, home & garden and education. Nitrile, which has the best puncture and abrasion resistance, is also resistant to many chemicals and solvents, and meet FDA standards for food handling.


Product Name Nitrile glove 12 inch glove nitrile
Brand AnDum
Material Nitrile
Size XS, S, M, L, XL
Thickness 6.2 mil
Weight 6-7 g
Grade Industrial
Length ≥270 mm
Powder Type Powder free
Surface Textured fingers
Sterile Non-sterile

Shipping information:

Package: 50 pcs/bag, 2000 pcs/ctn (accept customized package such as 10 pcs/bag)

Carton size: 34*25*25.5 cm                              Weight: N.W. 5.2 KGS          G.W. 6.2KGS

AnDum nitrile gloves factory ships over 95% of orders within 24 hours. If your orders are placed before 12:00 a.m., we can delivery at the same day.

You can purchase from powder free nitrile gloves manufacturers directly, or AnDum branch company in Austria.  Less than 100 box of nitrile gloves choose express. 100 cartons of wholesale nitrile gloves choose air freight. More than 1 million ocean freight is first choice. CONTACT US TO GET YOUR PLAN

shipping information

Choose the correct size:

The size of the powder free nitrile gloves should fit perfectly on the hand. This directly affects safety and comfort at work.

To find your size, measure the width of your hand just above your thumb (widest part of your hand).

glove nitrile

Usage of nitrile gloves disposable:

AnDum 6.2 mil powder free nitrile gloves are durable, flexible and multi-purpose. They protect uses' hands while providing a good grip.

Example Sector Example



打扫卫生2 打扫卫生1



工业2 工业1


Home & Garden

花园1 花园2



学校1 学校2

Why choose disposable gloves nitrile:

● Nitrile gloves are resistant to acid, alkali, oil, non-toxic, harmless and odorless.

● Nitrile gloves are made of synthetic nitrile materials, and do not contain latex proteins that are prone to allergic reactions in the human body. The selected formula is advanced in technology, soft, comfortable and non-slip, and flexible in operation.

● Nitrile gloves do not contain phthalates, silicone oils, amino compounds, and have good cleaning performance, anti-static performance, aging resistance and oil resistance. The shape of the purifying nitrile gloves is designed according to the shape of the human body Sensitivity, excellent tensile and puncture resistance, high tensile strength and excellent abrasion resistance.

● Nitrile gloves are soft, comfortable and snug. Features such as durability and safety.

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AnDum nitrile gloves manufacturers:

nitrile glove factory

AnDum Protective Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.  is one of the leading glove manufacturers headquartered in Changzhou, China. With our advanced R&D capabilities, massive production capacity and commitment to premium quality, we have been the trusted manufacturers to a diverse range of industrial clients, applications, and marketplace around the world.

Since the inception of the company, it has been introducing world’s leading technology and employing a team of talented and experienced individuals to maintain the company’s long-term competitive advantages. The production capacity of the company has been rapidly expanding since early 2020. As of now, we can produce up to 1.5 billion gloves per year.

Our main products are Disposable Nitrile Gloves, PE Gloves and Vinly Gloves.

Frequent asked questions:

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  3. What is difference between latex and nitrile gloves?

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