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Our Advantage

  • Our-Factory

    Our Factory

    Andum is a factory which have their own melt -brown production line for making different grade of masks like FFP3 , FFP2 ,KN95 ,N95 and so on . We have 20,000 sqm workshop and nearly 150 workers . We have complete quality control system to ensure the masks quality.

  • Our-Certificate

    Our Certificate

    Our factory are china white list factory which means our factory are china government approved quality factory . We also have ISO 9001 ,BSCI factory aduit . Our FFP2 ,
    FFP3 masks are CE certificated . We also have EUA certificated N95 and so on .

  • Our-Capacity

    Our Capacity

    We have 12 full auto mask production line and 20 half auto mask production line .Our capacity for FFP2 ,KN95 and FFP3 can be 500000 pcs one day . We can keep the on time

  • Customize-Design

    Customize Design

    We also supply OEM package and design for mask with your logo .We can do Color FFP2 ,KN95 cover with pattern mask and some other mask for 3ply disposable masks.

Our Products

Andum is a professional Chinese FFP2,FFP3 mask ,KN95 ,KF94 and Medical mask Manufacturer & Mask Exporter.
We are CE approved manufacturer for FFP2 mask for both white and colored FFP2 .We have 31 CE certificated color for FFP2 mask . Our ce ffp2 respirator has both Adult and small size . We also owned Germany flag printed FFP2 mask.
We also can make OEM colored KN95 and customized KN95 mask according to your requirement.
Color FFP2 mask                      Small FFP2 mask
Fish shape FFP2 mask             Printed FFP2 mask
Cup FFP3 mask              Headband FFP3 mask
Color KN95 mask              Children KN95 mask
Color KF94 mask               Children KF94 mask
TYPE IIR mask for disposable flat and the folded TYPE IIR

Custom Mask

We can make different model of custom mask

Hot Selling Products​​​​​​​

Andum is a professional respirator manufacturer for FFP2 , FFP3 , KN95, KF 94 ,N95 , TYPEIIR and so on.

Sourcing Masks from 


For Wholesaler/Distributor

Being one of the best quality mask manufacturer in china , we offer best quality at a good price.
This help us to ensure you can get profit when you do resell with your customers.
We have different model and different of FFP2 ,KF94 ,KN95 and so on that can help you meet your customer’s different requirement.

For Chain Store

We have BSCI factory aduit for supermarket customer . And we can supply with OEM service with Your own brand. And we can keep the best quality to ensure the quality.

For Brand Owner

We can supply with OEM design and OEM package for own brand customer . We supply with OEM service for customers and we can keep the best quantity .

About Us

AnDum Protective Equipment

AnDum Protective Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional team composed of personal protective equipment design, manufacturing and marketing.

As one of the leading FFP2 mask , FFP3 respirator ,Medical TYPE IIR , Nitirle gloves and KN95 mask supplier We have our own melt-blown production lines and we can supply with 1000000pcs / day for production . We have BSCI , ISO9001 , CE , EUA certificate and so on .
We supply with wholesale KN95 masks,FFP2 respirators , KF94 mask customer with good service.

Andum is also a FFP2 and KN95 mask Manufacturer & Factory in China

To meet the increasing demand of clients whom require immediate shipment yet in small quantity, we always stock millions pieces of FFP2 respirator ,KN95 mask , KF94 mask and at any time with a very small minimum order quantity required.
Also we have 12 full auto production line and 20 half auto production line to make sure we can make delivery quickly within short delivery time. Check us with email now.
As a leading FFP2 mask manufacturers & factory in china , Andum has 3 production line for water grade melt-brown fabric which can meet the standard for FFP3 face mask and 12 full auto production line for making FFP2 mask .
We are CE and BSCI certificated china ffp2 face mask factory & manufacturers.
1. We have 31 colors of normal ce certificated ffp2 masks
2. We have 13 color of printed model of FFP2 masks include Germany flag ffp2 ,Austria flag ffp2 and so on .
3. We also ave 9 colors of small size kids FFP2 face mask .
To be the best china FFP2 face mask suppliers , we do with high quality products and we have CE factory certificated for FFP2 and FFP3 mask .

Wholesale options
If you too need to enthrall your buyers with a unique collection of masks, why not get it from us? Visit our site today and pen down a safe mask ! By such way Andum can satisfy Clients whom are looking for:
We are happy that more and more Clients love to buy directly from experienced Face mask Manufacturing Wholesaler like us!

So when to choose a approved and quality Wholesaler, choose Andum !


Our Blog

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Disposable nitrile gloves are a kind of chemical synthetic material, which is made of butadiene (H2C=CH-CH=CH2) and acrylonitrile (H2C=CH-CN). As gloves nitrile do not contain protein, so they will not cause irritation or allergic reactions to human skin and mucous membranes. Blue nitrile disposable

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KN95 mask is China standard according to the certification of GB2626-2019, and is one of the most widely used masks in the market. The demand for face masks has made them scarce or even unavailable in some parts of the world. That’s why some people have such question: are kn95 masks reusable? Today

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